Sunday, March 3, 2013

SIG: When Redbuds Bud

Squint your eyes and maybe you will see buds?

Sunday, March 3, 2013

 We apologize for the focal quality of the photo (right), but we wanted to document that our redbud trees' buds have opened. Let the record show the fuzzy buds were shot on March 2.

Going into our third spring here, I'm still surprised to find these buds. When I do, I make that mental note to mark the date, but of course, I never have. Until now.

The literature--that is, the handful of site hits from GOOGLE that I actually opened--says redbuds bloom in April. I've got a feeling ours will not wait that long. My TV weather wizard informs me we have a good shot at hitting 80F this afternoon with highs the remainder of the week safely in the upper 60s.

We will further note in passing that the henbit and dandelions are coming on strong with this recent spate of mild weather. Did I say mild? It's downright springlike. All that's missing are the thunderstorms which we dearly could use!

Jus' sayin', Lord.

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