Saturday, February 9, 2013

Fun with Fiction in a Flash? Hurry!

Call me old. Call me slow. Just don't call me late for Happy Hour! This here post is about a growing niche in short-short story writing called flash fiction.

You might think of flash fiction as somewhat akin to Tweets on steroids in that the idea is to tell a coherent, engaging story within a limited word count. Exactly what that limit is depends on the guidelines of the various publishers. Typically it may range from 200 to 2,000 words, but the trend currently seems to be for stories with word counts well south of 1,000.

No, I have not tried my tired hand at it yet, but I'm fixin' to as we say here on the knife edge of West Texas. In fact, I need to get to it rather quickly as the deadline for entry in the latest contest to thread my email closes at one minute to midnight tonight.

If any of my writerly friends out there wish to while away a snowed-in Saturday (on the East Coast, at least) whittling out a yarn in 250 words or less under some rather tricky keyword requirements, you can get the particulars on this contest from my friends at Flash Fiction Chronicles.

Got you curious about these short shorts? You can learn more and sample some outstanding flash fiction at Flash Fiction Online.

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